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Changing Skin Color

Below is a step by step process of changing dark skin color to light skin color. This was a commission for Kool Keith.

The before photo of Kool Keith

The first step is to do an entirely white base all over the skin that you want to change. In this case, I am using a white cream foundation.

Next, go over the skin with the skin color of choice. In this case, I used a cream olive skin color foundation.

Next add the necessary colors needed to complete the transformation. In this case, I used a mild pink blush on the cheeks to make them a little bit more flushed and I used a combination of pink and salmon lip color to create the natural lip color needed.

Make sure that all the areas you want are covered completely, especially if the person will be wearing different clothing then what you did the makeup in.

The after photo of Kool Keith

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