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The Tempest

Lionface Productions: William Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Production Concept: Commedia dell’ Arte

Description: This production was done in the commedia style, so most of the performers were masked for the majority of the show. However, makeup was required for the lovers, Ferdinand and Miranda, Juno, and the fairies. For Ferdinand and Miranda I was instructed to create a simple, opera style makeup befitting of the days of commedia dell’ arte. For Juno and the fairies, I was instructed to make them bird-like with sky colors. I went with a sunset/sunrise theme for the fairies, with Juno as twilight, and I added peacock-esqe features to Juno (as my research suggested that Juno was often portrayed alongside a peacock.)

Marie Duffee as "Miranda"


Jeffrey Sneed as "Ferdinand"


"Ferdinand and Miranda"

Christina Hoekstra as "Juno"


Ashley Chapman as "The Dawn Fairy"

"The Dawn Fairy"

Brittany Pausch as "The Sunrise Fairy"

"The Sunrise Fairy"

Lynette Cooley as "The Dusk Fairy"

"The Dusk Fairy"

Meghan Koesters as "The Sunset Fairy"

"The Sunset Fairy"

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