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Additional Skills

Additional Skills:

  • Worked as a Cedar Point Halloweekends Screamster (4 years)
  • Trained on Jumping Stilts
  • Worked at the Wood County Educational Service Center: STARS Program, K-6th Grade (2 years)
  • Worked as a waitress at Amigo’s Restaurant and Cantina, Toledo, Ohio (9 months)
  • Member of Theta Alpha Phi
  • Instrumentalist (excelling in clarinet/bass clarinet (5 years), experience with piano (3 years) and a variety of Asian instruments (1 year)) 
  • Vocalist: Mezzo Soprano (some formal training)
  • Performed on air/radio
  • Experience in voice over work
  • Dance experience (Ballroom, tap, ballet, square, waltz)
  • Flexible, Fits in small places/boxes
  • Driver’s license w/ own transportation
  • Licensed in first aid
  • Licensed in CPR: (infant, child, adult) 
  • Good with animals
  • Fencing
  • Very basic stage combat
  • Double-Jointed in Left Arm
  • Experience in Theatre of Cruelty, Theatre of Oppression
  • Speaks some German
  • Accents (British, Southern)
  • Experience in paranormal investigations
  • Quick at memorization
  • Experience in guerilla filmmaking
  • Experience in operating basic film equipment

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