The Merchant of Venice

As I write this, I am sitting backstage at the final production of Lionface Production’s performance of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice directed by Michael Portteus. It is a bittersweet moment, because this show has been my life this past month and now it is almost over. I will definitely miss it. (For a review of the show, check out this link: Sentinel Tribune: Lionface Productions’ The Merchant of Venice The photo below features myself and Brigid Randolph and was taken from the Sentinel Tribune article)


In this production, I played Launcelot Gobbo, a fool character and servant. It has been a joy to take on this role and I have been told that it was one of my best performances. My first director ever in college came to the show and pulled me aside to tell me that it was the best she had ever seen me and she has been seeing me perform for over six years. A higher compliment could not be found, I respect this person so much and it made this role even more worth the time and work I put into it. Furthermore, this production consisted of a wonderful, talented cast and crew for whom I feel very close to now. This show has truly been one of the epitomes of my career and I am so proud to have been a part of it.


The manly men of Venice
From the left: Sarah, Brigid, Amanda, Angelica, Meghan, and Katy

Chula update: My beautiful rescue is doing wonderfully and thoroughly enjoyed walking with me around the Black Swamp Arts Festival this past weekend between shows.


“I am Launcelot. Your boy that was, your son that is, your child that shall be!” – Launcelot, The Merchant lot Venice

Bonus photo of me and Angelica! I did the makeup for the show 🙂